Professional Wedding Multicam Live Stream

Assisting couples share their celebration for those who could not attend the event

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Reliable infrastructure is key for a successful live stream

It's more than showing up at a wedding with some equipment.  Creating quality live content requires an experienced team and infrastructure. The combination allows us to deliver a great experience from start to finish.

We can produce simple live stream coverage to building a live "wedding show" that will entertain your online guest!

Flexible coverage

Live stream packages

We offer a range of packages that affords the opportunity to live stream with us from 1-hour ceremonies to full day coverage with professional production to create engagement with your online guest. 

Landing Page Options

Choose a landing page template that we supply. We populate the content for you and share you the link when it is completed. You can then share the URL to whoever you want to share your wedding experience.


We work with the biggest corporate brands in the market from fortune 500 companies to major media companies. To us, this speaks volumes of the trust and reliability of our infrastructure that delivers quality content. We leverage the same tools for the wedding industry.

Seamless Video Delivery

We ensure that your broadcast look and sound great during a live stream. We also assist with any post-production needs after a live stream including distribution to any social media platforms (FB, Youtube, Linkedin, etc.)

Connect to any platform

Live stream or distribute on-demand to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Microsoft, Zoom, and many more. No need to worry about how to set up each platform or channel. We do it for you!

How it works?

A streamlined approach to take your concept & idea to reality

Production Value

What makes us different is not the technology, but our knowledge and creativity packed with motivation to help brands build great content.

Core Values

We believe our core values and mindset to never disappoint enables our obsession to deliver the best customer service experience possible.

Infrastructure To Scale

To properly support you, great infrastructure is absolutely needed. Redundancy is a top priority to ensure 99% stability for our clients. 

One Stop Solution

We are media content creators from photos to video. If you have other services booked, live stream services is an easy integration to your wedding!

Why Choose Us?

It's a new world. 

Share your wedding experiences online


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Helping you build a great live stream or pre-recorded experience.

Helping you build a great live stream or pre-recorded experience.

Helping you build a great live stream or pre-recorded experience.

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